The Best Brownies Around

The Best Brownies Around

September 1st 2019

The Best Brownies Around

At Chock Shop, we create the finest hand-crafted artisan brownies, and we want to tell you all about them.

You can find Chock Shop brownies pulling in the crowds at food festivals, markets and live events up and down the country throughout the year. But why are our brownies so popular?

Sweet simplicity

A few years ago, Chock Shop founder, Greg Shearman began baking chocolate brownies with a seriously fresh approach.

He threw away the rule book, refusing to freeze his products like some competitors do. Instead, these brownies were handmade, hand cut and hand decorated.

He scoured delicatessens far and wide for the finest ingredients, from Belgian Callebaut white chocolate and creamy caramels, to sumptuous strawberries and smooth Seville marmalade. Customers couldn’t get enough, and Chock Shop was born. But there’s more!

The shape of success

Brownies are traditionally cut into rectangles, like the shape of the tray they’re baked in. But this means someone always gets the drier outside edge, and we know you want the best bit.

At Chock Shop we use a round cutter so that every customer gets the heart of the brownie – the sweetest, softest and warmest piece available. Those crunchier outside bits still taste amazing and bring the fabulous bite to our rocky road brownies.

Incredible variety

We’re always working to keep our fantastic flavour combinations as fresh as our brownies. Crunchy peanut butter, sticky toffee and Oreo are some of the firm favourites among our younger fans.

Grown-ups can sink into the bliss of our Belgian Callebaut white chocolate brownies. If you’re after something naughtier, there are brownies laced with butter cream liquors; we mentioned Baileys, but what about Amaretto, or Hennessy Cognac?

Pour fresh cream or hot chocolate sauce over your brownies for the ultimate, all-out indulgence.

So there you have it: amazing freshness, unbeatable variety, and remember – the best brownies around ‘cos the best brownies are round!

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