A Tasty Franchise Opportunity

A Tasty Franchise Opportunity

August 30th 2019

Meet our West Wales Franchisees!

Chock Shop brownies have gone down so well that Greg has decided to expand the brand through the Chock Shop franchise.

Now people across the country can be part of the Chock Shop family, with the chance to sell brownies under our well-established brand.

Franchisees get to work with a business model that boasts a proven track record of success. They also receive all the training, guidance and advice they need to get their Chock Shop business on the road to sweet success.

Running your own business is lot of hard work. Patience, drive and attention to detail are required to deliver the outstanding brownies that our wonderful customers are familiar with. But if you’re prepared to fully commit, then the rewards can be truly life-changing.

Presenting our lovely franchisees, Helen and David from West Wales

Earlier this year, Helen opened her Chock Shop franchise with her business partner David in West Wales. We caught up with them recently for a chat about their experiences running their very own Chock Shop business.

  • How are you enjoying your franchisee experience so far?

It’s been incredible; hard work, but the time has just flown by because we’re doing what we’re passionate about – selling incredible brownies that people love! You meet so many different people, and you get to make them happy, which is great.

  • What’s been the toughest challenge?

You don’t get many lie-ins, so sometimes the early mornings can be tough. But it’s great when the end of the day comes, you’re waving off the last of your customers and you’re just left with a pile of crumbs.

  • Where has been your favourite place to sell brownies so far?

Our Chock Shop stall takes us all around our local region and we visit some beautiful places. We were at Swansea Street Food Festival this year, and that was fantastic. The weather was gorgeous and we were working through the day with bands playing all around. It really didn’t feel like working though!

  • What’s your favourite brownie and why?

Obviously I’m sweet enough already. But honestly, the answer probably changes every day. I loved the rocky road brownie first because of the crunch and softness, but lately it’s all been about white chocolate and raspberry. That counts as one of my five-a-day, right?

  • Where are you looking forward to taking Chock Shop this year?

It’s looking full-on for the next few months. We've had a really busy summer at music and food festivals and we’ve got a load more booked in, in the lead up to Christmas. We’ve also got two birthdays, a corporate event in Cardiff and a few weddings, so it’s all hands on deck.

  • Complete the sentence: I couldn’t get through my working day without:

Getting everything sorted out the night before is what actually gets me through my working day now. That’s not a very fun answer, is it? Maybe I should say my wonderful business partner who’s been with me through thick and thin. Or probably just a Bailey’s brownie if I’m being totally honest!

Become a Chock Shop franchisee

If you think you’ve got it takes to become a Chock Shop brownie baker, or you’d like to find out more about the taking out a Chock Shop franchise, just click here, or drop us an email with your questions.

Alternatively, keep an eye out for Chock Shop stalls at festivals, markets and other live events around your local region this summer. Come over and say hi, because we’d love to meet you, share the love and give you a personal tour through the day’s menu of freshly baked brownies.

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