Dealing with a pandemic?!?!

Dealing with a pandemic?!?!

August 26th 2020

Okay, so 2020 hasn’t been what any of us expected, a year that will be marked in history for years to come.

Chock Shop was on track to have one of its busiest years with over 200 events booked in. Then coronavirus happened!!  A cruel virus which has taken so much from people, causing so much pain and suffering. However, Chock Shop would not be beaten by the destructive virus, it was clear that large events wouldn’t be happening, so we needed to be adaptable.

Across the UK lots of businesses have been seriously affected, some will sadly close, many will lose their jobs. Chock Shop has rallied through the storm and on March 23rd we returned our business to where it started… online delivery boxes! Our box orders went wild shipping out over 200 boxes a week nationwide. Chock Shop acted as a little chocolatey treat, delivered to our customers’ homes during the lockdown. Returning to box orders enabled the company to continue trading through the height of lockdown, ensuring the businesses bright future. Even with Coronavirus restrictions being eased, it was clear large events would not be taking place this year. We had to be diverse in our approach to trading during a pandemic, we began by contacting local weekly markets; creating a regular chocolate buzz with our delicious brownies!! Street markets have acted as a lifeline for us, enabling constant returning trade, certain weekly markets have been so popular, we are going to continue trading with them indefinitely.

Here are some of the regular markets you can find us at!

  • Ludlow
  • Hereford
  • Penkridge
  • Hay-on-Wye
  • Gloucester

At this time of crisis, general hygiene has never been so vital but especially food hygiene, we wanted to ensure the utmost health and safety measures for our customers enabling a safe environment. We developed ‘the Chock Shop COVID screen’, large Perspex screens, secured to a wooden base, which shield the brownies from the general public, ensuring the brownies protection. These screens also act as a physical barrier to us and our customers maintaining a safe distance from the general public. Our approach in dealing with Coronavirus has been highly praised by our customers.

Continuing trade throughout this pandemic has been challenging, with a large majority of staff on furlough, added safety measures and the pure uncertainty of everything going on in the world.

We cannot thank our staff, friends and family enough, but most importantly our customers! Without the tireless effort, support and kindness we couldn’t have been sure of Chock Shop’s future.

From all of us at Chock Shop, Thank you

Look forward to seeing you at our shop,  regular markets or at an event in 2021


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